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COMING SOON: Nutrition Programs

and Online Training


Partnership with Elevated Fitness

Hello lovelies, for those of you who have been keeping up to date with me. I have been getting so many requests about my diet and training routines. People ask me questions about what I eat, how much I eat, how often I eat, what my workouts consist of, how long I workout, how many days a week ect. To begin, I will be vlogging about my workout routines on my Youtube channel Abide By Chy. There I will be teaching basic techniques and movements to workout efficiently.

Additionally, I am going to start providing you guys with meal plans and workout programs that can be customized to fit your needs specifically. There will be options  for both muscle gain, maintenance or weight loss and you will have 24/7 support. I will be providing options to work out at home as well, that way you can stay on track with no gym required.

I know its hard making a decison about who to get advice from when there are so many “personal trainers” out there offering great deals.  My advice go with what feels right and do you research. Find a trainer who motivates you, inspires you and one who is determined to help you get the results you want!

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