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Chyann Victoria Garrick was born in Toronto, Ontario on April 7th 1993. Incurably analytic, creative and spontaneous, she has always been ahead of her times. She is a brilliant innovator bursting with both energy as well as curiosity for challenging herself to new heights. She has an innate desire for discovery, exploring, and the extraordinary.

As a former Ontario, provincial soccer player, Chyann competed at the National Cup in 2008 for the U-16 national championship. She had a bright future in sports as well as academics until her reconstructive jaw surgery and various injuries which ended her soccer career in 2010. She continued on to study psychology at York University and graduated with honours in 2015. She has a passion for volunteering and spends many of her days volunteering as a youth mentor, as well as participating in events surrounding mental health awareness and advocacy.

Throughout all of this discovery, she realized that her love for giving back, combined with her desire to better her global community could be combined with her passion  for fashion, food, fitness and art through disrupting these industries with positive change. This lead her to become more inspired in her career.  One opportunities led to another and eventually on to larger ventures and before she knew it she was being featured in a multitude of printed magazines, videos and short films. All of which she never imagined would be her reality.