Speaker Kit

Topics of Interest

Over the years, I have acquired so much knowledge through my studies as well as through my own personal growth. Some of my favourite topics to discuss include:

  • Childhood Development – Child rearing and the psychosocial affects
  • Youth Empowerment – Bullying, relationships, self-esteem, self-harm, suicide
  • Health and Wellness – Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset
  • The Social Self – Current Social Contexts (Millennial Perspectives)
  • Motivation – Making the impossible possible, controlling your narrative
  • Mental Health – Self-Love / Self-Help, Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Reality Acceptance, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Problem Solving
  • Sexuality – LGBTQQIP2SAA topics
  • Racism – Growing up bi-racial, self-identity, the workforce

To be quite frank, growing up I was always told I talked too much. Don’t worry, I worked on it and put it to good use! Present day, I am proud to stand and speak up for those who couldn’t. I love customizing speeches to deliver and experience you won’t forget.

Combining strong content with passionate delivery and mind-blowing visuals, I can create a fun, educational, and engaging experience that inspires, impacts, and resonates with whatever audience you’re catering to. When I say that I really mean it. My first hand experiences combined with my understanding of various psycho-social and cultural dynamics allows me to organically engage with many different people.

Speaking Fees

*Please email abidebychy@gmail.com for current fees* 

  • rate is dependent on speaking fees + additional expenses (expenses may include parking and/or meals, lodging, round trip airfare, ground transportation).
  • a 50% deposit will be needed to hold the date.
  • a receipt of deposit will be needed to confirm the event.
*Fees are negotiable dependent on shared interest*