Speaker Kit

About Chyann Garrick

My life experiences have inspired me to be a person of value that impacts others in a positive way. I believe all humans deserve compassion and empathy, but especially our youth. As a child my environment was filled with many difficult situations that were unfortunate and out of my control. On top of that, I had no one to connect with who would hear me out, explain to me what was happening, or stand up for me. My resiliency and persistence lead me to high achievements both academically and athletically. But, as a young adult I have certainly dealt with the consequences of those situations leading me to utilize programs within our mental health services. I believe a lot of the things I have dealt with could have possibly been avoided or at least minimized if I had received appropriate guidance from a person who cared. I want to be that person who cares.

As an athlete I learned a hard-work, team mentality that I carry into the work place. Soccer also taught me to be responsible for my role and lead courageously. My Psychology degree sparked an even deeper curiosity that has taught me to shift paradigms and gave me insight on the human mind. It fueled an already keen desire to problem-solve by getting to the root and developing solutions. Another critical skill I possess is in my ability to connect with people across various diverse communities. Not only am I apart of the mental health community, but I am also a biracial, person-of-color in LGBTQ+ community.

Currently, I am a model and actress using my platform to inspire people to build a healthier lifestyle through fitness, nutrition, and mindset development. I also volunteer as a speaker on a LGBTQ+ panel working to bring awareness and education to the community. Both are fueling my passion to help others. Everyday I wake up and continue to fight for our next generation and further the dialog around topics that may seem uncomfortable to some. I am excited about the impact that I continue to make and I’m even more excited about the individual who become inspired to do this work too.  I am inspired everyday to be that person who cares.

Topics of Interest

Over the years, I have acquired so much knowledge through my studies as well as through my own personal growth. Some of my favourite topics to discuss include:

  • Childhood Development – Child rearing and the psychosocial affects
  • Youth Empowerment – Bullying, relationships, self-esteem, self-harm, suicide
  • Health and Wellness – Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset
  • The Social Self – Current Social Contexts (Millennial Perspectives)
  • Motivation – Making the impossible possible, controlling your narrative
  • Mental Health – Self-Love / Self-Help, Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Reality Acceptance, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Problem Solving
  • Sexuality – LGBTQQIP2SAA topics
  • Racism – Growing up bi-racial, self-identity, the workforce

To be quite frank, growing up I was always told I talked too much. Don’t worry, I worked on it and put it to good use! Present day, I am proud to stand and speak up for those who couldn’t. I love customizing speeches to deliver and experience you won’t forget.

Combining strong content with passionate delivery and mind-blowing visuals, I can create a fun, educational, and engaging experience that inspires, impacts, and resonates with whatever audience you’re catering to. When I say that I really mean it. My first hand experiences combined with my understanding of various psycho-social and cultural dynamics allows me to organically engage with many different people.

Speaking Fees

*Please email abidebychy@gmail.com for current fees* 

  • rate is dependent on speaking fees + additional expenses (expenses may include parking and/or meals, lodging, round trip airfare, ground transportation).
  • a 50% deposit will be needed to hold the date.
  • a receipt of deposit will be needed to confirm the event.
*Fees are negotiable dependent on shared interest*