Chyann’s life experiences have inspired her to be a person of value that impacts others in a positive way. She believes all people deserve compassion and empathy, especially our youth. As a child her environment was filled with many difficult situations that were unfortunate and out of her control. Additionally she was bullied and felt she had no one to connect with who would hear her out, explain what was happening or stand up for her. Her resiliency and persistence lead her to high achievements both academically and athletically. But, as a young adult she certainly dealt with the consequences of those situations.  This lead her to utilize the programs within our Canadian mental health services. She believes a lot of the things she dealt with could have possibly been avoided or at least minimized if she had received appropriate guidance from a person who understood. She now dedicates her work to being that person who cares.

As an athlete she learned quick that hard-work and a team mentality could be carried into the work place. Soccer also taught her to be responsible for her role and lead courageously. Her studies in Psychology were fuelled by an already keen desire to problem-solve, innovate, developing solutions as well as critique already existing systems. Another critical skill she possess is her ability to connect with people across various diverse communities. Not only is she a part of the mental health community, but she is also interracial and a POC (person-of-colour) in LGBTQ+ community.

Chyann Garrick is a Actress, Model and Entrepreneur who uses her platform to inspire people to build a healthier lifestyle through fitness, nutrition, and mindset development. She is a Host on the CrownMe TV network, a LGBTQ+ panel working to bring awareness and education to the community. She is a Trader with IML and teaches people about the importance of financial literacy and how to secure multiple streams of income. Additionally, on Feb 1st she launched her own mini-talk show series called ” Caught in the Middle”. It serves to highlight voices of “The Other”. The other defined in this series as people who don’t fit into societal “norms” and binary ideals.  She states,

“As an actor, it can be easy to lose yourself when you’re always pretending to be someone else.”

Her personal life experience and work as an actor combined with her degree in Psychology sparked an even deeper curiosity for life itself. This has allowed her to analyze the social paradigms of society while gaining insight on the human psyche. Such awareness can significantly impact one’s mental health, which is why she dedicates a lot of time to personal development. As a result of this drive to better herself, she began teaching others how to build habits through fitness, nutrition and mindset development. Her goal is to continue to fight for the next generations and further the dialogue around topics that may seem uncomfortable to many. Everything she does fuels her passion to learn, grow, teach and help others to do the same. She is excited about the impact that she has already made and will continue to make.