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I love inspiring individuals to design the life they have always wanted. We live in a designer world. So, why not be your own designer and Design Your Mind? My program is for entrepreneurs to build a healthier happier lifestyles through fitness, mindset development and business development. My first hand experiences and my understanding of various psycho-social, cultural and economic dynamics allow me to really understand and relate to many different types of people.

When I say that I really mean it. I feel so confident saying that because I have lived what I speak about. I don’t just talk the talk I also walk the walk. I have overcome many of my own personal and professional obstacles. I am a bisexual, biracial, woman, who leads a fulfilling life despite my own battles with mental health. I welcome the opportunity to cater to your audience whether I am speaking to students, millennial entrepreneurs or small business owners. Let’s join forces and empower people to have control over their minds, their lives and to be their personal best.

My Favourite Topics


What’s your origin story? What is your family history? Nature vs. Nurture? What are your boundaries? Do you have purpose? What motivates you? Are you confident? How do you like to be loved? What is your love language? What do you want to accomplish?


Self-Love, Self-Help, Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Reality Acceptance, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Problem Solving, self-harm, suicide, addiction.


Making the impossible possible, controlling your narrative, design the life you want, visualization, goal setting, accountability, vision boarding, fitness, nutrition & mindfulness.


Repairing credit, keeping your credit score in good standing, building credit, track your spending, savings, investments, wealth is energy, live beneath your means.


Branding, social media management, content creation, content planning, content management, marketing, sales & personal development.


Identifying your sexuality, coming out, navigating same-sex relations, safe sex, hidden allies, social acclamation & find your tribe.

Speaking Fees

*Please email abidebychy@gmail.com for current fees* 


What you will get

  • A phone call before your consultation prior to your event
  • Planning time in person or through conference call.
  • Development of customized, interactive content to meet your specific event objectives
  • Development of a customized, interactive PowerPoint presentation or customized handout/worksheet materials, if applicable
  • Delivery of the presentation

Payment & Travel

  • rate is dependent on speaking fees + additional expenses (expenses may include parking and/or meals, lodging, round trip airfare, ground transportation).
  • a 50% deposit will be needed to hold the date.
  • a receipt of deposit will be needed to confirm the event.
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